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Meet Marcia

About Marcia Xenitelis

Marcia is an acclaimed international professional speaker, author, consultant and coach. Her experience in understanding the difference between communication strategies that simply inform employees about what is happening and those strategies that engage employees in the process of change distinguishes her from her contemporaries.

What stands Marcia apart of from others in this field is her experience with Senior Executives working on business strategy. She has also assisted large organizations to focus on the customer experience through their employee change programs and to measure the impact of those programs on business results.

A thought leader in this field, her approach is to work with clients as partners to achieve the best results for their business and to transfer her skills so that the organization can continue to benefit. She does this via in-house coaching of communication and human resources professionals, working together in formulating the change strategy at the outset of a major business program implementation. In just one of her projects, business writings increased by 25% whilst nine new competitors entered the market in one year and during a major organizational restructure. That’s the benefit of strategic change management – outstanding business results.

Marcia’s approach when working with organizations that want to realise the benefits of their business transformation programs and information technology investments is by conducting Change Implementation Reviews. A CIR focuses solely on stakeholder engagement and is unique in this sector.

The author of several publications which have been sold in more than 20 countries and Fortune to 500 companies, Marcia has also delivered the keynote address at conferences in China, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Her topics of Employee Engagement – The Secrets of Success and Change Communication – Strategies that Inspire Employees are focused on high impact low cost approaches to employee engagement. Both these topics can be delivered in-house to corporate teams and customized to suit your organizational situation.