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Marcia Xenitelis
Professional Speaker, Author
and Consultant
What others have said
“Marcia worked with me on an Employee Engagement training Course in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Her Courses were rated "Excellent" by my participants and its easy to see why - Marcia has in-depth, working knowledge of the corporate world and her sessions were deeply engaging. She often forces one to think "outside the box", which was exactly what the participants needed. Her plethora of examples taken from her own experience gave her an edge over many other consultants.”

Norazlina Manap, Senior Manager (Training), Euromoney ABF”

“I am impressed with concrete, thorough guidelines and instructions to help build a robust Employee Engagement Plan.”

Phuong Chan Dao
Deputy Director, Bank Training and Consultancy
Hanoi Vietnam

“Marcia has a huge repertoire of practical tips on strategies and implementation tools for employee engagement. I enjoyed listening to the varied cases shared to augment the theories.”

Rosemary Soong
Deputy Director Human Resources
National Healthcare Group
Professional Speaker, Author and Consultant Professional Speaker, Author and Consultant
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Are you engaging employees or simply informing them about change ?

The thousands of people who have heard Marcia speak would say that her approach is pragmatic and inspiring. From the moment Marcia speaks the audience knows it is her shrewd observations about the connections between business outcomes and the way employees truly embrace change that set her apart from her contemporaries. They leave bursting with ideas to engage employees with change, everyone leaves with an "Aha" moment and know what they need to do to have significant impact.
Filled with humorous stories about her own experiences in managing change in organizations, CEO's, Executive teams, human resources and communication managers all feel an instant rapport. Marcia truly understands the challenges they face in communicating change with most strategies today focussed on using technology and briefings to communicate change with employees. Yet these methods are merely providing information, true engagement comes from designing strategies that result in employees saying "Aha, now I get it".
Her hardworking concepts in change communication are innovative, imaginative and achieve business results. Quick thinking, Marcia is adept at providing solutions that are low cost and have high impact. A professional speaker she is demand worldwide, from Asia to the America's, the Pacific to Europe.
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Learn more about the difference between engaging and simply informing employees. Meet Marcia
If you have a conference or meeting of the people in your organization who need to know more about change management and employee engagement you can just book her to present one of her keynotes for an hour or so... or spend a bit longer in a workshop or masterclass working on your specific organizational challenges.

Marcia Xenitelis