Available Courses

Keynotes, Workshops and Masterclasses

Marcia has designed these seminars which she has facilitated both in Australia and overseas.  All can be conducted inhouse, whether it be a keynote at your management conference, a half day workshop for your human resources managers or the one day masterclass for your employee communication managers.  They are also offered as public seminars and information on the location of these will be announced as soon as it becomes available.

How To Overcome Resistance And Get Active Participation In Projects

Finally no more excuses, delays or pretending that the project does not involve them

  • The project gets off to a great start but suddenly the business is not available
  • Excuses like we’re too busy, I can’t release anyone, this isn’t my job arr commonplace

Learn how to identify what is causing the level of resistance and the solutions to gain support for your project plan; How to gain business leadership support and engagement for your project when leaders feel they have other business priorities. Use this workshop to dissect, prioritise and re-design the way you are overcoming resistance with all stakeholders at different phases of the project.  

Employee Engagement – The Secrets of Success

Learn how to engage (not just inform) your employees.  One of the major challenges of implementing change is helping employees understand how they contribute to your organisations’ success.  Understanding the reason why behind business decisions can make an enormous difference to whether your change strategies are successful or not.

This topic available as a Keynote, Half day Workshop and one day Masterclass

Change Communication – Exceptional Strategies That Engage Employees

Marcia challenges you to think differently about communicating change.  Most change communication strategies focus on information..What Marcia does is provide low cost high impact strategies that focus on participation during the change ensuring that the change is leveraged to support business outcomes. 

Read more about this topic available as a Keynote, half day Workshop and one day Masterclass.  (should have the front pages as a thumbnail of each of the relevant brochures for them to click on then to open to the relevant PDF brochure).

Please contact us regarding information on customising the above topics to suit your organisation’s needs, pricing and availability.